Holy Baptism

(Sometimes called Christenings)

The Church of England offers baptism for all age groups, including babies, children and adults.  

We would be delighted to help you explore this opportunity for baptism.  

If you would like to find out more the Church of England provides comprehensive information, via the following links.

Baptism of babies and children


Baptism of adults

So take the plunge and get baptised

Come to Church 

Your local church has services at the follow times.   

Just click  on the church closest to where you live.

Alternatively, contact your parish priest.  

Application form download

Please print off the  attached PDF form.

When this his done, photograph it and email it back to the appropriate priest (see below).

Please note: The dates of and times of baptisms must be confirmed in writing by either of the clergy below, before the baptisms can be considered to have been ‘booked’.




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