Coranovirus - COVID-19

God speaking through this storm, calling us to be Christian witnesses in different ways

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have indicated that for the foreseeable future, there may be no acts of Public Worship held in church.   They are encouraging all of us to continue in earnest with our prayers, drawing solace from one another and Christians across the world, who are also praying.

The coronavirus epidemic has meant that the Church of England has felt unable to permit services in their churches.  

Acts of worship will be streamed from both inside and outside church buildings.   These services can be accessed by Margaret or Jeremys’  webpages.

Remaing together in Christ Jesus

The Holy Eucharist will continue to be  celebrated, on behalf of the needs of the nation.   Clearly members of the congregation will be unable to received the Sacrament -at least directly.

There is a centuries long ago established recognition, that the benefits of receiving the Sacrament at communion can also be received in a spiritual manner.   

Should you want to know more about this, the Church of England has circulated advice.  

Should you wish to become more familiar concerning the principle of  spiritual communion, we have include the leaflet as a PDF. 

Here to help

Jeremy Brading Incumbent Status Parish Priest
I'm the parish priest with full time oversight of each of the five parishes that make up the Chesil Churches. I work with my colleague Revd Margaret Preuss-Higham. Speak to me if you have queries relating to Holy Trinity Fleet or St Mary Chickerell.
Margaret Preuss Higham
Margaret Preuss-Higham Associate Priest & Archdeaconary Rural Support Officer
I work with Jeremy and have day to day pastoral responsibility, specifically for the parishes of Abbotsbury, Langton Herring and Portesham. Contact me with regard to any area of priestly ministry in these parishes. I am usually available on Mondays, Tuesdays and every Sunday.