Mum, I'm bored !

The fateful words !

But lets be honest, we’ve all been there !  We’ve probably screamed these words ourselves- BUT of course, back in the day !

If your child has said the same,  a couple of us at church have put together some craft options.

These are simple, easy to do things to make.   Some of them also have a simple Christian message.

We have also got some ideas from other Christians up and down the country.

There all free, and we hope that they get you out of jam !



Your Clergy

Jeremy Brading Incumbent Status Parish Priest
I'm the parish priest with full time oversight of each of the five parishes that make up the Chesil Churches. I work with my colleague Revd Margaret Preuss-Higham. Speak to me if you have queries relating to Holy Trinity Fleet or St Mary Chickerell.
Margaret Preuss Higham
Margaret Preuss-Higham Associate Priest & Archdeaconary Rural Support Officer
I work with Jeremy and have day to day pastoral responsibility, specifically for the parishes of Abbotsbury, Langton Herring and Portesham. Contact me with regard to any area of priestly ministry in these parishes. I am usually available on Mondays, Tuesdays and every Sunday.