Your local church would like to support you

When the time comes to arrange a funeral, it can be a very difficult – especially if you have recently been bereaved.

Irrespective to whether you are already connected to one of our churches, please let us know about your news.  We would be very happy to visit you in your home, support you with the arrangements and pray for you and your family at this difficult time.

After receiving the initial news concerning the death of someone, there are some important things that need to be done.   Visit the government website, click on the icon.

Local Funeral Directors

Abbott & Rees

245 Abbotsbury Road, DT4 0LY

01305 766 711

Co-Operative Funerals

130 Abbotsbury Road, DT4 0JS

01305 772 789

Cotton & Son

Milton House

1 Milton Road, DT4 0AZ

01305 76 76 76

Rose Funeral 

35 Shrubbery Lane


01305 785 832

Some things to consider before meeting the Funeral Director

Burial or Cremation ?

This is an important consideration.  The deceased may well have indicated their wishes, but if not, you might wish to discuss this with other family members if you are not sure what the preference was of the person who has died.

Where to hold the service

All of our churches are very happy to host this important occasion in your life.  Sometimes, a ‘church funeral’ has the advantage of being able to provide more available time for the service.  This might be particularly important if the person who has died had lots of requests for the service, or if there are several family members and friends who are being asked to ‘say a few words’.

If you choose to hold the funeral service in a Church of England church, the local parish priest (see below) will very likely come to see you.   They will listen to the story of the person that you knew, and will go through the all the details of the funeral service itself. 

Help available

If you would benefit from a chaperone during your visit to the funeral directors, we are happy to help.

There are also helpful websites available.   

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