Jeremy Brading

Rector of Chickerell & Fleet Priest-in-Charge of Abbotsbury, Portesham and Langton Herring

I’ve been the parish priest of these 5 churches since 2012.   I moved from 10 years in parish ministry in and around Manchester.  Consequently one of the first things I had to do, was look up on google to remind myself of the yellow circle in the sky.   That said, I loved my time up in the north west where I made many friends and learnt the framework for parish ministry.  It also helped me  to be clear that there is only one football team in the world that truly matters (at least to me).  Glory, glory Man Un…..

I am married to Angharad and we have two young children, two cats and some fish.   When I have time, I like to do some gardening, go for a walk or listen to music.   I also have a fairly wide range in musical tastes, and am still marvelling that I can get my entire CD collection on my phone.

I believe very firmly that God is very much alive, both as a controlling influence upon all aspects of the world and and at the same time, in the hearts and the minds of the people that he is continually calling to accompany him.   God is inspirational, because he refuses to give up on us  and once again is calling us back to worship. 

Contact Details

01305 319 369

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