Margaret Preuss-Higham

Associate Priest with House for Duty of Abbotsbury, Portesham and Langton Herring.

Rural Officer for the Sherborne Archdeaconary.

I have been a priest in Chesil Churches for five years, spending the first five years of my ministry in my hometown of Bridport. The main focus of my ministry is with the churches in Abbotsbury, Portesham and Langton Herring. I am a governor at Portesham primary school and padre to the Abbotsbury and Portesham branch of the British Legion

I am married to Roger and we have a son Tom who works for the outdoor adventure company PGL. Roger is the Group Scout leader of 1st West Bay Sea Scouts.

I enjoy spending time out in the splendid Dorset countryside, walking along the seashore, visiting churches and pursuing my passion for photography. I use my photography in ministry, and I am a member of Artwey and have exhibited during Dorset Art Weeks.

I believe very firmly as does my colleague Jeremy that God is very much alive. That God is with us always even though we may feel him far away. God is inspirational, he walks with us through each day. His love for us is unconditional.

I have recently been appointed as the Rural Field Officer for the Sherborne Archdeaconry, the role involves working with clergy and congregations across West Dorset, to support, encourage and develop fresh expressions of rural ministry and mission.

Margaret Preuss Higham
Margaret Preuss-Higham Associate Priest & Archdeaconary Rural Support Officer
I work with Jeremy and have day to day pastoral responsibility, specifically for the parishes of Abbotsbury, Langton Herring and Portesham. Contact me with regard to any area of priestly ministry in these parishes. I am usually available on Mondays, Tuesdays and every Sunday.