The example of Jesus life makes clear the obligation of Christians to be ‘giving’.   Christians have come to call this: ‘stewardship’.    

Implicit in ‘stewardship’ is the knowledge that everything that we are provided for on earth, ultimately comes to us from  from God.  Unless God gives first, then we have nothing to own or share.   We exist on earth as a direct result of the generous stewardship of God.

Our stewardship takes on several forms, and will evolve over time.   One important way of engaging in stewardship, has been for the St Mary’s church family to engage with social and fundraising activities.   A positive time is had by all, and finances are raised.   As a church we are becoming more aware of the importance of using these opportunities to support initiatives in the community -not just the church. 

Stewardship has also been expressed by many members of the church family taking on responsibilities in the life of the church.   Whether it be cleaning the toilets, serving on PCC, being the parish treasurer, serving as a eucharistic minister, leading prayers  – these things and many more- are our expressions, responding to the goodness of God.   We serve God in His ministry by carrying out these roles – and often even with a smile !  

Financial Giving

a necessary aspect of our stewardship

Jeremy Brading Incumbent Status Parish Priest
I'm the parish priest with full time oversight of each of the five parishes that make up the Chesil Churches. I work with my colleague Revd Margaret Preuss-Higham. Speak to me if you have queries relating to Holy Trinity Fleet or St Mary Chickerell.